Two lost souls, destined to come together in spite of their differences… 
Deirdre Caden wants fun and excitement, but most of all she wants out from under the thumbs of her overprotective family. She escapes, running all over Texas yet not finding what she’s seeking, so she goes home, still at loose ends. She wants something—someone. She’s just not sure what or who that may be except that she wants to sample the BDSM club activities her brother and his bride enjoy. 
Les Fourchet completed his surgical residency in the shadow of a huge mistake that alienated him from his aristocratic Creole family. Now, seeking redemption, he’s in tiny Caden, Texas, hired by the town’s only doctor to help care for patients over the huge, sparsely populated county that includes the massive Bar C Ranch—and its people. 
Deirdre’s brother sees Les as a suitable match for his sister; Deirdre sees him as a potential playmate. Les sees Deirdre as beyond his pay grade—after all, his prospects are limited and she’s the only daughter of one of the richest men in Texas. Can love win out? Only time will tell!