And so the hunt concludes...

The evil Reynard is destroyed...yet the hunt still is not quite over.

Philippe d'Argent lost his mate while on duty protecting his queen. His search for vengeance is over...but his grief still remains.

The tale cannot be over until the vampire submissive finds joy once more.

Back in New Orleans, where Jacques died, Philippe draws the attention of Katie, a beautiful, newly made vampire--and her lover, a mortal dom.

Philippe can provide Chad's lover the sustenance and protection he cannot--but the idea of bringing another male into his relationship with Katie evokes memories--of disgrace, banishment...and desire forbidden in Chad's Catholic, mortal world.

Unless he leaves his world and becomes a part of theirs.

Join Chad on his journey into a world without mortal rules, where love and lust know no boundaries, where as a vampire master he can love his two submissive loves for all eternity...

POSSESSING THE NIGHT, an erotic journey into another dimension...a world without prejudice, where good prevails and love can last forever.

Coming tomorrow from Beyond the Page Publishing. Watch for release notices on Facebook and Twitter!

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