A New Cover for an Old Holiday Favorite

Nearly fifteen years ago I was asked to write a short story for a beautiful but short-lived romance magazine--a story set in New England soon after the Civil War, featuring a wounded veteran , a war-weary widower determined that his young daughter would be cared for, even if he should succumb to the injuries that left him crippled.

The result was "The Best Gift," a love story begun out of necessity, where neither the hero nor the old friend he marries on Christmas Eve expects more than that they'll create a safe, stable home for his daughter, peace of mind for him.

She's had a tendre for him since their childhood, but has never dreamed that by accepting him as he is now, she will kindle desire he never recognized until the magical winter night when they said their vows.

In honor of the holiday season, I've made "The Best Gift" a brand-new cover. In case you've overlooked this heartwarming, short read, I hope you'll pick up a copy and celebrate the best gifts of all--hope, friendship, and best of all, love.

Merry Christmas to all, featured the month of December for only $.99, and always free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

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