Bar C Legacy, Deirdre's Story

Wild gets old after awhile, especially when the billionaire you thought loved you for yourself, not Daddy's own billions, turns up married to a sweet lady old enough to be your mom?

So... Deirdre comes home to the Bar C in time to meet the new doctor in town...and fall in love?

That's not as easy as it seems.

Les Fourchet disgraced his family, is now determined to make a new life in Caden, Texas, only to find that the brat who catches his eye thinks she wants the sort of kinky life he escaped from and vowed not to be caught up in again.

Love conquers all, though, in a story that's changed from kinky to hot yet tasteful, with light exploration into BDSM play. Yes, THE BRAT's an erotic romance, but with emphasis not on the sex as much as the journey toward commitment.

I hope you'll enjoy this rewritten series. a bargain buy for the holiday season at only $3.49.

Look for a print collection of all three titles, which will include a bonus short story about the beginnings of the Bar C and the start of the feud between the Cadens and the Oakleys, coming early next year! \

An Amazon exclusive, buy now for only $3.49 or read free if you're on Kindle Unlimited!

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