Falling in Love--Brent's Tarot Reading

Tarot By Arwen

Character Reading

ATE: September 11, 2015

DATE: September 11, 2015

FOR: Brent D’Angelo, Leo

AUTHOR: Ann Jacobs

GENRE: Contemporary DECK USED: Gaian Tarot

How do you see the people around you?

The Six of Fire is a card of winning and going the long haul. You seem fascinated by others ability to just keep going in spite of everything around them. You want to learn how they do it. There is an inquisitiveness to your mind that makes you want to find out how people tick. I think your own background makes you wonder why some people keep struggling—what makes it worth it to them.

Character’s Response:

My desire to help people keep going, lightening their emotional burdens to the maximum possible figured heavily in my decision to take up plastic/reconstructive surgery as my medical specialty.

How are you seen by the people around you?

The Four of Fire, Brent, is a card of finding your passion, your power. It’s an excellent card for how others see you. They see you as someone who has made it—and made it in a way that wasn’t really the norm. You found your spot and claimed it. You have a stillness about you that calls others to you. They are inspired by your inner flame. You may think your fire is nearly out, but those around you, particularly one of them, understand what you need to rekindle that inner passion for life.

Character’s Response:

Old friends see my career success at a very early age as proof I’ve made it, in a way that’s very different from what I’d been expected to become. Earning my lover’s trust and commitment will take us on the next step –personal success to match the outward symbols.

What is your most important goal?

Choice. What an interesting goal. This is the Seven of Water. It is a card of emotional choice. You seem to be tired of all the lovely choices you have. You want to drink from one and one only. You want to indulge your heart by committing to just one choice. It may be hard because you are truly someone who loves deeply. You don’t see love as limiting. A true Leo, you are happy to add more to your personal pride. But this card tells me that you are ready to pick one to be your own.

Character’s Response:

This card says it: to feel complete, I need full commitment from the woman I love more than life. Weekend hookups are no longer enough!

Where do you get your strength from?

Fire again! I’m not surprised to see this pop up. This is the Child of Fire or the Page. Your strength comes from your curiosity. Your unfailing need to find out what makes things and people tick. You are that innovative mind who can extrapolate concrete solutions from other people’s mental ponderings. You are the inventor’s creative force.

Character’s Response:

Right! I see some of the worst ugliness Nature has visited on those who come in my life, and I use my talent and training to create beauty taken away by disease, accident of birth, or catastrophe—if only I could apply this strength to persuading my love to grant me her full trust that commitment will make our relationship better, not destroy it.

Why do you want to be remembered?

Brent, another fire card for you! Again, no surprise here. This is the Two of Fire. Two people joined in a passionate embrace but this is more than sex. It is about an equal yoke. You want to be remembered not as just yourself but as part of a passionate partnership that did something in the world. There is a big drive here for you to find someone who is up to your standards and who can stand up to you when it is necessary.

Character’s Response:

I’ve found her, damn it. Now, if I can only show her that married life doesn’t have to be the nightmare she witnessed from her parents!

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Stephanie Arwen Lynch

Tarot By Arwen

Note from Ann: Thanks so much for doing Brent's reading. It's eerie, how much the cards reveal accurately about him, based on what you chose from just a few facts about Brent d'Angelo, the hero of COMMITMENT, my contribution to the wonderful contemporary boxed set, FALLING IN LOVE.

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