"Revised" or "based on..." What's the difference?

My erotic contemporary romance, shown at left, is REVISED from the three novellas that first appeared in an Ellora's Cave series known as Heart of the West. When my rights were reverted, I revised the three stories--which means that I went through each novella, corrected the errors and overusage of four-letter "sex" words, and tied them together into one book with three sections containing the three siblings' stories as one cohesive novel.

The stories are more or less the same, minus the excessive locker-room language that I'm not proud of having allowed to be included. Erotic doesn't have to be filthy--that's why I hope many of my readers who may have moved on because of the level of profanity and repetitious, detailed description of body parts (mostly the hero's) will give a shot to my revised, previously published books.

There are REVISED titles, like A VERY SPECIAL FAVOR, that weren't too over-the-top in the first place, requiring only some updating and a little bit of sanitizing the language that made A MUTUAL FAVOR not always in character for Kurt, the workaholic surgeon, and Shelly, his best female friend and physical therapist. The original story was my all-time bestseller, winner of the Desert Rose for best sexy/sensual romance when it was first issued--and it's even better now--worth another read because it kicks off a brand-new, never before published series--the San Antonio Connection, whose next title should (really) be coming soon!

The Courthouse Connections series books are all heavily revised, except for one (MORE THAN LUST) that's an all-new prequel to the series...and LOVE GAMES, based on the old MASTERED but completely different except for the hero and heroines' names and the basic story line. JAKE'S LOVE is heavily revised--you might say rewritten from a "Quickie" formerly titled MUTUAL FANTASY--to tie it loosely in with the series and revisit some characters from the earlier titles--and of course, to sanitize the gutter talk/thought to bring the series in line with what's acceptable today in sexy, mainstream contemporary romance..

The Oil Barons series, seven novels and novellas originally put out by EC, were loosely connected back then--a series that "grew" rather than being planned. Bill Harris, my wonderful editor at Beyond the Page Publishing, who took on the unenviable task of cleaning up these books and reissuing them individually, has helped me to make the series more cohesive, and to exorcise the ghosts from two full-length novels that had been previously published by Berkley Publishing Group even before EC had "sexed" them up to fit its guidelines.TEXAS FIRE, released last month, grew out of FIRESTORM, but it's become so much better with the help of a new pair of editorial eyes--and, I hope, my own growth as an author and my trek back toward the kinds of books all sorts of romance readers will enjoy!

BREAKING FREE, book six of the new Oil Barons series, bears little

resemblance to the story originally published as ENTRAPPED. It, along with THE CLOSER WE GET and RESCUING AN ANGEL, are truly "based on" rather than "revised from" their long-ago predecessors. They're now parts of a series I'm completely proud of, as opposed to a cobbled-together group of stories that were written at different times to meet diverse needs of publishers rather than because they came straight from my heart. Now, I've fallen in love with them too, and I hope you, my readers, will love them as well. They're bargain-priced and worth another look.

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