Do you ever wonder . . .


How could a brief hookup between two people have been so incredible that it survives eight years without a single sensation flowing between them, either by sight, sound, touch, or sensation? Keep an eye out for the release of MORE THAN LUST, the introductory novella to my new Courthouse Connections series, and you'll find out!

Andi and Gray, along with the heroes and heroines of the three novels and one novella that will be released this summer in two boxed sets, THE DEFENDERS and THE PROSECUTORS, will tell you how the sexy lawyers and their significant others spend their time out of court in the hot, steamy vicinity of Tampa, Florida's west-central coast.

You may have read the original Lawyers in Love series from Ellora's Cave, but these stories have been revised to the point that more conventional lovers of sensual romance readers will enjoy them too. And, of course, no one has read about the one incredible weekend when Andi and Gray made a connection that survived years of separation--not by their own volition, either!

Targeted release date is mid to late May. Look for pre-order info on Facebook and Twitter if you follow me, which you should!



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