A little sweet, a lot sensual... and don't you love the cover!


A lonely young transplant surgeon new to Tampa, his five year-old patient's widowed mom . . .

They're a perfect pair, except for one thing--Jake keeps Kosher, Meghan doesn't. A short but heartwarming story of two kids who have to cope pretty much 24/7 with two very different Jewish mothers.

Just enough of medical stuff in the prologue for me to introduce Sam Kramer, a bit player in THE PROSECUTORS boxed set coming as soon as I can finish revisions and put the two sets out together.

Don't miss this short story (a little over 12,000 words once it's edited, I imagine. It will be on preorder for $.99 but will soon rise to $1.99. So keep an eye out for the preorder noifications. An author's gotta eat, ya know, but so do her readers!

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