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Happy 2015, in just a few hours.

It's a new year, time for a new direction in my writing. Since 2002, I have been concentrating on erotic romance, the hotter the better. Unfortunately continuing that way has brought me way outside my comfort level, to the point that I put on the brakes and decided to write what I love best--sensual, heartwarming stories about one hot man and one adventurous woman, minus menages, heavy BDSM action and plus a lot of emotion along with the sex.


This spring I was asked to join twelve other authors and write a novella for the boxed set,MEN OF CALDER COUNTY. me the most fun I've encountered for longer than I could remember. While putting together Rand and Lily's story, his sister Tricia caught my fancy and I couldn't resist putting together a synopsis of her story.


What if she still had it bad for her rodeo champion ex, Brett Caine? And what if that connection would connect the story people in A MUTUAL FAVOR, my award-winning, bestselling erotic romance that wasn't really erotic?

"Rand", my cowboy in MEN OF CALDER COUNTY, is the first story in my new series, San Antonio Connection. I was so sure I'd write


STEADFAST that I asked fabulous author Syneca to make me a cover for it as well as the one she was designing for A VERY SPECIAL FAVOR, the heavily revised novel that would kick off the basically all-new series.

Needless to say, STEADFAST is still a work in progress, thanks to a three-week bout of pneumonia in late October and other distractions that I won't enumerate...but I'm determined to have it ready to make an appearance at Wild Wicked Women's conference in San Antonio, February 19-22, 2015.

Coming soon.jpg

A second new direction also developed for me while I was working with the other authors on the MEN OF CALDER COUNTY boxed set. I decided that with self-publishing on the rise, I should put together a short nonfiction book on self-editing, now in edits and known as SELF-EDITING FOR WRITERS--Tips for Taking Your Book from Rough Draft to Polished Final.

I apologize for having had my website down for almost a month. I foolishly tried to upload this gorgeous new site by Syneca, and somehow completely eliminated my original site. This goes to show that I should never think I understand what an instruction means, but entrust the critical stuff to anybody who is reasonably tech-competent--because I've proved I'm not!

My deepest thanks to Syneca of ORIGINALSYN and Jerald of InkWell Royalty Solutions for taking this site in hand and letting me send New Year's greetings after all!

Best wishes for a happy and profitable 2015.


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