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When Shana Green first revealed her deepest fantasy to “Bear” Dahoud, he not only indulged her sensual yearnings but fulfilled her every desire, and the two fell madly in love. But once they were married and settled into his villa on the Persian Gulf, Bear grew progressively more distant and left Shana hungry for more. Deciding she could no longer tolerate his prolonged absences and emotional distance, Shana took her broken heart and returned to her Texas home. 

Bear, still desperately in love with Shana, is stunned by her departure and desperate to end the growing emptiness in his heart. Realizing that the only true love he has ever had is in jeopardy, he decides the only way to win her back is to recreate the magic of their first passionate days together. 

Surprising Shana in Texas, he sweeps her away and vows to hold her captive as long as necessary until she is his once again. And even as the damage of their separation threatens to break them apart for good, he indulges Shana and himself in every imaginable pleasure, waging a sensual battle to reclaim the love of the one woman who once and always captured his heart. 

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as Forever Enslaved.