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Chad Lalanne is a powerful and loving dom to the submissive Katie, devoted to discovering new ways to bring her to the heights of pleasure. Together, they thought they had formed an unbreakable bond, until the day Katie was attacked by a vicious vampire and Chad was powerless to stop it. 

Now Chad knows he needs more than just sexual dominance to keep Katie safe. He’ll need another, stronger vampire. Someone who can nourish and protect her. That’s when the two meet Philippe d’Argent, a damaged and grieving vampire whose powerful sexual appetites are slowly stirring back to life after a long period of mourning. 

As they explore the growing erotic possibilities of a dom human with two submissive vampires, each new passionate encounter forges an intensely sensual and loving connection between them. Soon they all must decide if the dominant Chad can surrender to his two submissives and be turned to a creature of the night, in the ultimate sacrifice to form a loving relationship that will heal them all for all eternity. 

This is a fully revised edition of the story “Eternal Triangle,” first told in Forbidden Fantasies.