Darlene Jackson had already filed for divorce from her no-good husband when the pro football star and his groupie mistress were found murdered. But these two weren’t the first victims of foul play in the league, and when Darlene begins to fear for her own life, she turns to Vlad Ivanov, the team’s sexy kicker, for her safety—and more than a little comforting. 

Vlad’s always prided himself on being an upright guy, and as an FBI agent working undercover to investigate the string of football murders, he knows better than to get involved with the sexy widow. But when a spiraling desire and a shared interest in BDSM bring the two together, the undeniable chemistry between them is too intense to ignore. 

Abandoning themselves completely to the insatiable passion that burns between them, Darlene and Vlad soon form a sensual bond that won’t be denied, even as signs mount that Darlene is the killer’s next intended target. With the sadistic serial killer inching closer every moment, Vlad will have to do everything he can to keep his mind in the game and bring down the monster before he brings down the woman Vlad can’t live without. 

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as Wrong Place, Wrong Time? 

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