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Alina el Rashid is a sexy and independent firebrand whose wild ways have created one scandal too many for her conservative family. Exiled to her brother’s remote villa as punishment, Alina is starved for the touch of a man and aching to rebel—when she meets Brian Shearer, the stunningly handsome American pilot who’s being hailed as a hero. And as his quiet sensuality excites her in ways even the untamed Alina never imagined, she vows to find a way to overcome his stubborn refusal to open his heart to her. 

After enduring years of hell as an enemy prisoner, Brian was crushed into further despair when he returned home to find that his wife had left him for dead and married another man. With nothing left to live for, he moves halfway around the word to escape his pain—and meets Alina, a tempting beauty whose dark eyes flash with a passion that promises endless sensuality. Overwhelmed by this intensely alluring woman and his own inhibitions, Brian struggles to resist her openly erotic intentions while yearning for her love. 

As these two vulnerable hearts discover an undeniable desire growing between them, Alina must convince Brian of her newfound devotion, while Brian must free himself from all the forces holding him back to fill both their lives with exquisite pleasure and eternal love. 

This novella is based on a story first told in Zayed’s Gift.