Having promised his dying wife that he would hang up his cleats and raise their two kids in a stable environment, star quarterback Casey Weldon takes on the job of cleaning up the battered athletic program at his small-town alma mater. It isn’t long before he uncovers something far more sinister than just the recruiting violations that brought him here—and learns that not everyone appreciates his efforts. Facing threats from an unknown assailant while struggling to adjust to his new life, Casey turns to the temptingly sensual campus security officer TJ Thomas for help. 

TJ knows that men as ruggedly handsome as Casey rarely give her a second look, and she’s steeled herself against believing that he needs anything more than protection and occasional comfort to help him through his grieving. But when their simmering sexual tension ignites, she ignores her fear and surrenders to the powerful desire pulsing between them. 

As Casey struggles with guilt that he’s betraying the memory of his wife and TJ fights to convince herself she means more than just one night to the rugged gridiron star, they give themselves over to a frenzy of sexual discovery that brings their every fantasy to life. But before they can have a future together, they must stop a murderer, and Casey must persuade TJ, and himself, that she’s the woman he wants not for a night, but for all time. 

This is a fully revised and expanded edition of a book originally published as Tip of the Iceberg.