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An IED changes Captain Jared McTavish's plans and brings him home to Wyoming--to the family ranch that once was too tame to satisfy his urge for adventure. 

Certain his ability as a sexual dominant has been compromised, it takes his nurse to show him he's still a hero in her eyes.

Jared learns, with Ninia's help, that his loss pales, compared with the love they share--and the home that nurtures them both.

Roped was first published as a single-title novella by Ellora's Cave Publishing. It is included in Roped, Hitched, & Lassoed, in combination with two related novellas.It has been substantially revised in this edition.

Occasional BDSM playmates at his club near Laramie, Brad and Keely find themselves caught together during a blizzard. They realize there's more to their feelings than mutual love for domination and submission, and Brad wants to forge a permanent partnership--but Keely has seen, first-hand, how a B/s relationship can be scary.

His NFL career over, Matt returns to his Wyoming ranch, determined to do whatever it takes to win his high school love, now that she's finally free from an abusive, dominant husband. Diana has done a switch, though. Even though Matt is no sexual submissive, he will do anything even let her take the lead in bed. Love rekindled, they realize spicy vanilla's not a bad flavor as they finally begin a life together.

This is a revised, updated version of the book originally published in 2009.