Dani Murdock grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, but the passionate young love she shared with Brand Carendon filled her with hope for a bright future and a beautiful family. Until Brand’s domineering mother stepped in, filling Dani’s head with malicious lies and forcing her to flee the marriage with a broken heart—and a secret that would take twelve long years to reveal.

Brand, now an all-pro quarterback, has never forgotten the day Dani left without a word, crushing his heart and turning him against true love. When Dani reappears in his life he’s stunned, but nothing could have prepared him for the young boy she brought with her—their son. Suddenly Brand finds himself struggling to reconcile the most painful episode of his life with the most joyous discovery he could imagine.

As Dani and Brand work to rekindle the love, and trust, that neither of them ever truly gave up on, they’ll rediscover the intense sensual need they stir in each other and the unimaginable bliss they find in each other’s arms. And when together they confront Brand’s mother with her betrayal and the three lives she put in peril, they’ll find a lasting love and become the family they always wanted—and were always meant to be.

This is a fully revised and expanded edition of a story originally published as Enduring Love.