Is he lover or traitor? Or can he be both?

Drake Conover, internationally famous magician, is as renowned for his prowess as a lover as for his amazing magic tricks. But can he be a traitor who is passing state secrets to his country’s sworn enemies?

Undercover CIA agent, Erienne Duval must find out, seducing him to gain his trust. Alone since her partner’s death a year ago, the part of Erienne that misses a man’s touch welcomes the prospect of getting up-close and personal with the woman magnet and learning his deepest secrets.

Bored with the groupies who follow him from show to show, Drake is a willing target. In Pittsburgh to do a charity performance, he’s immediately attracted to the young woman assigned to show him around the home town he left years ago and make his stay enjoyable. So attracted that he invites Erienne to join him on his upcoming European tour.

As Drake and Erienne tour Europe's capitals, their emotional connection deepens. Intrigue surrounds them, though, and their commitment to each other is tested as Erienne grows closer to finding the traitor in their midst.