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For Shana Green it’s true that everything really is bigger in Texas, including her erotic fantasies. Shana has always fantasized about being taken by a wealthy sheikh as his harem love slave, something she never imagined could come true. Then she meets Dahoud “Bear” el Rashid. Instantly, she knows the ruggedly handsome Arab is a dream come true—until she realizes that following her dream may mean giving up the Texas home she loves so much. 

Bear is entranced by the strikingly beautiful Shana, and when she reveals the fun private yearning that only he can satisfy, he’s thrilled to indulge in one hot final fling before he settles in Kuwait permanently to run his family’s oil business. But when desire turns to devotion, Bear has to choose between the woman he loves and a family that is sure to disown him. 

As their passion burns and parting becomes impossible, Shana and Bear must struggle to bridge the gap between their two cultures and build a love that truly knows no borders. 

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as Love Slave.