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Leila al Sinan bears the scars of a war that took her husband and left her desolate and alone. Taking refuge at a prisoner-of-war camp, she finds herself looking to an enemy prisoner to get what pleasure she still can from life. Expecting nothing more than a few stolen moments of sensual comfort, she soon finds herself discovering passion beyond her most wild imaginings, and as the man ignites her body and stirs her heart to new life, Leila is forced to make a decision that may change her life forever. 

For eleven years Jamil al Hassan has suffered at the hands of the brutal prison warden and thinks only of survival and eventual escape. When a mysterious cloaked figure enters his cell and straddles his prone figure, whispering a shocking request, he instantly responds to her soft beauty and a pleasure he’s been denied since his captivity began. As their desire and fulfillment grow more intense, Jamil hatches a plan that may save his life—but also force him to betray his honor, and his heart. 

Daring to risk all, the two escape into the night for a long and perilous trek that will lead to salvation or certain death. As trust grows between the former enemies, they discover that true love knows no borders, and they must fight to stay alive to find a happiness forged by fire and sealed by passion.