December 11, 2015

The d'Argent vampires...protecting mortals from evil over the centuries, now determined to destroy the evil Louis Reynard no matter what it takes. Sample an excerpt from SHADOWING THE BEAST, a full-length novel about Stefan d'Argent and the woman he must protect at the risk of his heart.


Late the following afternoon, Stefan spotted a small, elegant bar across the street from Chicago’s Lincoln Park, not more than a block from where Julie Quill lived. After his long journey, he needed the darkness, sought the cool, welcoming atmosphere inside. He stepped through the dark wooden door, a sharply honed rowan stake concealed in a black leather satchel he’d bought this morning at Louis Vuitton’s Pa...

November 11, 2015

This story is based on a story titled Shotgun Relationss, but it is by no means the same book. Parts have been eliminated and replaced with completely new material--more story, less incredibly kinky, overly descriptive BDSM sex scenes, and sanitized language that no longer smacks of crude profanity that hardly fit Jack Duval, a Harvard-educated attorney, or Liz Wolfe, a gently reared rancher. I hope you'll pick up THE BASTARD, whether or not you read its predecesso--and that you'll review it if you find it  


It still has BDSM elements, just not all the overly detailed club scenes and repetitive coarse description that never furthered the story, other than conforming to require...

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