October 3, 2017

Four sizzling, steamy stories spun off from my bestselling lead novel in the San Antonio Connection! Amazon exclusives available today! $2.99 each to buy--or read them all for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Loving Control: Sexual dominant Eli Calhoun is looking for a submissive. Too bad the hot trauma surgeon has fallen for Maggie Berman, a resident on his service at University Hospital. What could be a disastrous relationship begins to look workable when Eli learns that while Maggie's in control in surgery, she's the submissive of his wildest dreams once the lights go out.

Switching Control: Selina Harrison is a wannabe domme. Having escaped an abusive master, she vows never to relinquish contro...

January 3, 2017

Just released! And just $2.99 for a couple more days!

Two lonely lawyers find forbidden love in each other's arms... until suddenly Lanie's estranged husband turns up dead--and she's charged with his murder! JD's desperate to save her, but his specialty is torts, not criminal defense. It takes help from his partner, famed defender, Tony Landry, to prove her innocence and take them on the road to Happily Ever After!

Get yours here:



Barnes and Noble


November 15, 2016

 First, it was THE ROOKIE. Now, it's time for the seasoned star...

Keith Connors has been as unlucky at love as he's lucky with a pigskin...

Until he finds that Tina, his baby's nanny,has filled an empty space in his heart as well as little Jack's.

RELEASED TODAY at these fine online booksellers!

These signal-callers all hail from one small Texas town... Don't miss any of the sensual, heartwarming stories, releasing back-to-back this month!  

November 7, 2016

 It's LIVE!

 (And all the other four books are up for pre-order at most online booksellers)

Finally, after nearly two years, I have all the books in my former Gridiron Lovers series back in my possession, revised, and ready to release this month!! Here are the covers I designed for the replacement series called "CALLING THE SIGNALS." The revisions on these former EC books consisted mainly of cleaning up excessive gutter talk and restoring grammatically necessary commas (according to Word's spelling/grammar check. 

The first of these books is a short story about the town that spawned four generations of NFL stars, whose heroine is the mom of THE ROOKIE, the youngest of the four heroes of the fol...

September 9, 2016

I've got the best news: this week is the official kick-off of football season in the US--and with college football back, too, we've all got lots of chances to catch our favorite teams playing our favorite game.

So what makes this even better? We have EIGHT football romances for you to huddle with right here, each of which is a touchdown (and the extra point, too!).

Check out each one--and as a bonus, each author is giving you her own favorite sports romance recommendation.

Some Enchanted Season by Patricia Burroughs ON SALE for .99 at Amazon

Find Patricia on FacebookTwitter and her website. And sign up for her newsletter!

Patricia recommends . . . Sosie Frost's Hap...

August 30, 2016

Like your sports romance with a side of suspense?

Then this one's for you!

Darlene Jackson had already filed for divorce from her no-good husband when the pro football star and his groupie mistress were found murdered, so she barely shed a tear. But these two weren’t the first victims of foul play in the league, and when Darlene begins to fear for her own life, she turns to the strapping Vlad Ivanov, the team’s kicker, for her safety—and more than a little comforting.

Vlad’s always prided himself on being an upright guy, and as an undercover FBI agent investigating the string of murders, he knows better than to get involved with the sexy widow. But when a spiraling desire and a shared interest...

July 21, 2016

Just released! Get yours today:








"Ann Jacobs writes intensely erotic romance and this story is no exception." --Goodreads

Having promised his dying wife that he would hang up his cleats and raise their two kids in a stable environment, star quarterback Casey Weldon takes on the job of cleaning up the battered athletic program at his small-town alma mater. It isn’t long before he uncovers something far more sinister than just the recruiting violations that brought him here—and learns that not everyone appreciates his efforts. Facing threats from an unknown assailant while struggling to adjus...

September 19, 2015

Tarot By Arwen

Character Reading

ATE: September 11, 2015

DATE: September 11, 2015

FOR: Brent D’Angelo, Leo

AUTHOR:  Ann Jacobs

GENRE:  Contemporary
DECK USED: Gaian Tarot


How do you see the people around you?  


The Six of Fire is a card of winning and going the long haul. You seem fascinated by others ability to just keep going in spite of everything around them. You want to learn how they do it. There is an inquisitiveness to your mind that makes you want to find out how people tick. I think your own background makes you wonder why some people keep struggling—what makes it worth it to them.


Character’s Response:


My desire to help people keep going, lightening their emotional burdens to the maximu...

August 20, 2015


Here's an excerpt from THE HEIR, book one of my erotic romance series, the Bar C Legacy...




By the next afternoon Bye was beyond desperate to escape the constant ping-ping of raindrops forced by a high wind into the ranch house windows. He couldn’t take any more unrelieved grieving. He couldn’t bear to watch all the household staff scurrying about to ready the house for his mom’s funeral tomorrow. Most of all, he couldn’t stand watching Four stare out the windows as though he’d lost his best friend, or listening to Deidre sob quietly as she catalogued Mom’s jewelry to be stored in the Bar C’s office safe. He ignored the incredulous looks shot his way when he stomped out of the house, mindl...

July 20, 2015

I've been in just one so far--but that's about to change!


Starting in September with an eight-author set of contemporary romances ranging from sensual to downright erotic, FALLING IN LOVE will bring many hours of enjoyable reading to everyone who has ever experienced the heady, sometimes frightening moment of realizing they've discovered that magical connection--one of the many facets of relationships between men and women that leads to happily-ever-after--or at least, to happy-for now.


Over the next year after that, and hopefully longer, a set per month will be releasing, carefully selected and edited to bring the romance lover a story for every mood, from sweet and sensual to red-hot, by b...

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