November 11, 2015

This story is based on a story titled Shotgun Relationss, but it is by no means the same book. Parts have been eliminated and replaced with completely new material--more story, less incredibly kinky, overly descriptive BDSM sex scenes, and sanitized language that no longer smacks of crude profanity that hardly fit Jack Duval, a Harvard-educated attorney, or Liz Wolfe, a gently reared rancher. I hope you'll pick up THE BASTARD, whether or not you read its predecesso--and that you'll review it if you find it  


It still has BDSM elements, just not all the overly detailed club scenes and repetitive coarse description that never furthered the story, other than conforming to require...

August 20, 2015


Here's an excerpt from THE HEIR, book one of my erotic romance series, the Bar C Legacy...




By the next afternoon Bye was beyond desperate to escape the constant ping-ping of raindrops forced by a high wind into the ranch house windows. He couldn’t take any more unrelieved grieving. He couldn’t bear to watch all the household staff scurrying about to ready the house for his mom’s funeral tomorrow. Most of all, he couldn’t stand watching Four stare out the windows as though he’d lost his best friend, or listening to Deidre sob quietly as she catalogued Mom’s jewelry to be stored in the Bar C’s office safe. He ignored the incredulous looks shot his way when he stomped out of the house, mindl...

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