October 3, 2016

Revised, spit-polished, and re-released as a single title especially for this promotion, Roped is free this month for all who sign up for my Rafflecopter.

Take a trip to the wilds of Wyoming for this sizzling story of a wounded warrior dom finding his healing in the arms of his gorgeous, submissive nurse.

You'll be glad you did, and you'll want to pick up the entire series for a very special promotional price of only $1.99...

All three books in the series have been significantly revised and improved from their original versions put out by TPTSNBN.

September 9, 2016

I've got the best news: this week is the official kick-off of football season in the US--and with college football back, too, we've all got lots of chances to catch our favorite teams playing our favorite game.

So what makes this even better? We have EIGHT football romances for you to huddle with right here, each of which is a touchdown (and the extra point, too!).

Check out each one--and as a bonus, each author is giving you her own favorite sports romance recommendation.

Some Enchanted Season by Patricia Burroughs ON SALE for .99 at Amazon

Find Patricia on FacebookTwitter and her website. And sign up for her newsletter!

Patricia recommends . . . Sosie Frost's Hap...

August 30, 2016

Like your sports romance with a side of suspense?

Then this one's for you!

Darlene Jackson had already filed for divorce from her no-good husband when the pro football star and his groupie mistress were found murdered, so she barely shed a tear. But these two weren’t the first victims of foul play in the league, and when Darlene begins to fear for her own life, she turns to the strapping Vlad Ivanov, the team’s kicker, for her safety—and more than a little comforting.

Vlad’s always prided himself on being an upright guy, and as an undercover FBI agent investigating the string of murders, he knows better than to get involved with the sexy widow. But when a spiraling desire and a shared interest...

July 21, 2016

Just released! Get yours today:








"Ann Jacobs writes intensely erotic romance and this story is no exception." --Goodreads

Having promised his dying wife that he would hang up his cleats and raise their two kids in a stable environment, star quarterback Casey Weldon takes on the job of cleaning up the battered athletic program at his small-town alma mater. It isn’t long before he uncovers something far more sinister than just the recruiting violations that brought him here—and learns that not everyone appreciates his efforts. Facing threats from an unknown assailant while struggling to adjus...

March 30, 2016

First came Claude...young, earnest heir to the d'Argent legacy, bent on saving beautiful Marisa from Miami mobsters determined to collect on her teenage brother's On the Trail of Darkness.


Next, Stefan seeks out Reynard. The hunt takes him to Chicago, where he finds himself falling in love with Julie, the evil one's next intended victim, and taking a long-avoided chance to make a mortal woman his Shadowing the Beast.


At Stefan and Julie's wedding celebration in New Orleans, Julie's widowed father, Sam, meets Alina d'Argent, the breathtakingly beautiful vampire queen. While Reynard is nursing the wounds inflicted on him, his kinsman comes, tricks Alina's bodyg...

March 29, 2016

The evil Reynard is destroyed...yet the hunt still is not quite over.


Philippe d'Argent lost his mate while on duty protecting his queen. His search for vengeance is over...but his grief still remains.


The tale cannot be over until the vampire submissive finds joy once more.


Back in New Orleans, where Jacques died, Philippe draws the attention of Katie, a beautiful, newly made vampire--and her lover, a mortal dom.


Philippe can provide Chad's lover the sustenance and protection he cannot--but the idea of bringing another male into his relationship with Katie evokes memories--of disgrace, banishment...and desire forbidden in Chad's Catholic, mortal world.


Unless  he leaves his world...

March 2, 2016

What was socially acceptable in ancient Greece raised eyebrows in Victorian England, but of course many mores that would have been quite acceptable in most societies over the centuries would have scandalized the very proper ladies and gentlemen of Queen Victoria’s court.


“Refined deportment” was a course of study for young women, proper conduct being a measure of social standing and success—as well as a necessity for those wanting to be granted entry to the growing upper classes. There were rules for everything, and they varied according to one’s location, the situation, and so on. Mourning was strictly enforced, with relatives of the dearly departed constrained against wearing colors or att...

February 24, 2016

Louis Reynard, scourge of mortals and vampires alike, is dead as the unfortunate women he killed on all four corners of the globe!


Read all about the triumph of good over evil in OWNING THE NIGHT...

Determined to honor the memory of her lost lover, Mara Leone has dedicated herself to tracking down the vicious vampire Louis Reynard. When the trail leads her to Alexandre d’Argent, Mara feels a hunger she hasn’t felt in years. Struggling to protect her heart even as she surrenders to the undeniable passion that flares between them, Mara must decide if she’s ready to let go of the past for a sensuously erotic future.

Alexandre has followed Reynard to the site of his latest killing spree...

January 26, 2016



Heavily revised, expanded by 30%+





Heavily revised, cleansed of out-of-character kinkiness






Heavily revised, still erotic but

cleansed of out-of-character kinkiness


2 more books coming in the series, HUNTING THE DARK LORD, (formerly d'Argent Honor series + ETERNAL TRIANGLE





FALLING IN LOVE, includes the former EC novella, COMMITMENT


Still erotic, but cleansed of locker room language and extraneous kink


An Under the Sun Publishing boxed set of contemporary romances


Available at Amazon for your reading pleasure




Bar C Legacy series: THE HEIR, THE BASTAR...

January 25, 2016

A lot of readers have asked, "What's the difference between your old EC books and the ones you've re-published independently or through Beyond the Page?"


That's easy. The reissued books have been revised--in some cases rewritten start to finish--and most of them have been retitles. They still feature the same characters, the same basic story line...but they no longer have run-on sentences and made-up words that are really two separate words or hyphenated ones. More important, they no longer feature excessive locker-room language in the bedroom, because that language reflected Ellora's Cave owner's apparent belief that sex couldn't be erotic unless it was also grossly profane.


Going through t...

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