October 24, 2017

Have you seen this awesome giveaway from BookSweeps? You can win my upcoming box set, GRIDIRON KINK, plus books from authors like Tijan and Amy Andrews, and a brand new eReader, plus the free ebooks, just for entering! Ends soon, so hurry and enter HERE:

October 3, 2017

Four sizzling, steamy stories spun off from my bestselling lead novel in the San Antonio Connection! Amazon exclusives available today! $2.99 each to buy--or read them all for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Loving Control: Sexual dominant Eli Calhoun is looking for a submissive. Too bad the hot trauma surgeon has fallen for Maggie Berman, a resident on his service at University Hospital. What could be a disastrous relationship begins to look workable when Eli learns that while Maggie's in control in surgery, she's the submissive of his wildest dreams once the lights go out.

Switching Control: Selina Harrison is a wannabe domme. Having escaped an abusive master, she vows never to relinquish contro...

May 23, 2017

My friend, Kate Hill, is making a stop on her blog tour to tell readers about her newest paranormal, erotic romance. Check out this sexy shifter tale!

Fangs and Fists 2: Grit

by Kate Hill An erotic paranormal romance from Changeling Press.


Werewolf gladiator Grit faced his own mortality in the arena, only to be resurrected by a demon. Grit now lives a shadowy existence as one of the soulless, remembering only bits and pieces of his former life. Nonetheless, he recognizes evil and knows he must fight for the future of his young son, as well as the rest of the world.

Zari, a vampire warrior, helped Grit escape the tower where he had been imprisoned. She had feelings for Grit when they'd firs...

March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

This cute little elf just dropped prices (temporarily) on not one, not two, but all five of the titles in my Courthouse Connections series. Get 'em all, save nearly $9 total!

More Than Lust (book 1) FREE

The Defenders (books 2 & 3 boxed set) $.99

The Prosecutors (books 4-6 boxed set) $1.99

Jake's Love (book 7) $.99

Framed (book 8) $2.99

Sale is on until March 29! Click on titles above for buy links at all your favorite online booksellers!

February 6, 2017




Barnes and Noble

About the Book: Oliver Hayes wears his heart on his sleeve, and his friends never let him forget it. Every Friday night spent at Wild Side, their favorite West Hollywood bar, Oliver’s lack of hookups becomes the hot topic. It’s not that he doesn’t want a good time. He just wants it to mean something, which is a lofty goal when he’s still pining after his childhood crush, Matt, who left ten years ago to start a new life in New York City.

Matt Daniels has always felt most at home seated at a piano. He might not have entirely fit in with his family and friends, but he was always able to find himself in music. Or at least he did before he gave up his dream a lifeti...

January 3, 2017

Just released! And just $2.99 for a couple more days!

Two lonely lawyers find forbidden love in each other's arms... until suddenly Lanie's estranged husband turns up dead--and she's charged with his murder! JD's desperate to save her, but his specialty is torts, not criminal defense. It takes help from his partner, famed defender, Tony Landry, to prove her innocence and take them on the road to Happily Ever After!

Get yours here:



Barnes and Noble


December 9, 2016

Like football? Don't miss these SEVEN full-length romances, coming ahead of this season's Super Bowl!

Save $$$ by pre-ordering your copy from iBooks today!

November 15, 2016

 First, it was THE ROOKIE. Now, it's time for the seasoned star...

Keith Connors has been as unlucky at love as he's lucky with a pigskin...

Until he finds that Tina, his baby's nanny,has filled an empty space in his heart as well as little Jack's.

RELEASED TODAY at these fine online booksellers!

These signal-callers all hail from one small Texas town... Don't miss any of the sensual, heartwarming stories, releasing back-to-back this month!  

November 7, 2016

 It's LIVE!

 (And all the other four books are up for pre-order at most online booksellers)

Finally, after nearly two years, I have all the books in my former Gridiron Lovers series back in my possession, revised, and ready to release this month!! Here are the covers I designed for the replacement series called "CALLING THE SIGNALS." The revisions on these former EC books consisted mainly of cleaning up excessive gutter talk and restoring grammatically necessary commas (according to Word's spelling/grammar check. 

The first of these books is a short story about the town that spawned four generations of NFL stars, whose heroine is the mom of THE ROOKIE, the youngest of the four heroes of the fol...

October 7, 2016

A few days ago, I interviewed author Margaret L. Carter. I came up with a few questions, and she obliged me with some amazing answers:

1. What event, if any, encouraged you to become a writer?

Reading DRACULA at the age of twelve. I became fascinated with vampires in particular and horror, fantasy, and “soft” SF in general. Thanks to DRACULA as the “gateway” work, I became a fan of Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen, H. P. Lovecraft, Richard Matheson, the early Bloch, Bradbury, and Sturgeon, and many other vintage horror and fantasy authors. The library and paperback book racks didn’t have enough of the kind of fiction I wanted to read, especially stories from the viewpoint of and sympathetic t...

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